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MISD presents:

Dr. Suniya Luthar, “Managing Tech at Home”
April 16, 2019  5-6 PM, MIHS Library

Dr. Luthar will provide parents with tools and resources to manage network use at home just like we do in our schools.  Discussion will include discussion on managing access to Xfinity/Comcast Apps, iOS tools, etc.

Dr. Suniya Luthar, Authentic Connections
April 16, 2019  6:00pm, MIHS PAC

MISD presents Dr. Suniya Luthar of Authentic Connections, a non-profit group committed to maximizing individuals’ personal well-being and resilience in their communities, schools, and work settings.

In February, all MIHS students will participate in a survey created by Dr. Luthar.  Join us on April 16th as Dr. Luthar shares an overview of the MIHS survey with the community and stakeholders.  The information will also include how the MIHS survey results compare with what she has been researching in high-performing, affluent communities over the past 20 years.


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Education, Advocacy, and Support for families and individuals living with ADHD

“Understanding Screen Time” 
Hilarie Cash, Ph.D.
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
7:00-9:00 PM
The increased reliance upon computers, large and small, has led to concerns about their pervasive role in our lives. Is there a difference between in person communication and  online communication? What is FOMO and how does it affect sleep and mental health? How does screen time affect cognitive, language, and emotional development of very young brains? What effect do video games have upon developing brains?  Do parents need to set limits? Do kids need to set limits? Why? Now that the World Health Organization has declared video gaming disorder a mental health condition, what is at stake in unlimited screen time? 
Dr. Hilarie Cash is co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer for reSTART Life, PLLC, a residential program (first in the US or Canada) designed explicitly for adults and adolescents who are experiencing serious problems because of addiction to the Internet and video games (www.netaddictionrecovery.com). She began her work in the emerging field of Internet addiction in the mid-90’s.  In 2008, she co-authored the book Video Games and Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control. Dr. Cash is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in the growing field of Internet and video game addiction. She is a public speaker, workshop presenter and has appeared in well over 600 news reports about Internet addiction.
All are welcome (teens too) to join us for this informative meeting.

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